Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This particular page of the site under the management of “STOREX” company, website: www.storex.ge defines the privacy policy of registered and non-registered users regarding the collection, use and processing of personal information.

For us, the safety of our customers is the main value and we do everything to protect it. The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to explain to you what information we collect and for what purpose it is used. We also want to explain your rights when using our services.

The information we collect:

  • User name, surname (used for personal identification)
  • Phone number and email (used for contact)
  • Demographic Information: Country, City and Address (used to deliver products)

We may use the information you provide:

  • For direct or indirect marketing research
  • To improve our products and services

Personal Data:

We will not sell, distribute or alienate your data to a third party, except for the cases stipulated by the legislation of Georgia. Your personal data on our website is protected by internationally recognized standards. Registration on the website is done through HTTPS/SSL secured servers.

You have the right to request the deletion or modification of the personal data you have provided. For account termination/deletion please send us an e-mail on onlinestorexshop@gmail.com and our team will help you with the process. 

The user is responsible not to disclose username and password selected by him during registration to the third party. By registering on our site, you confirm that you have read and agree to the “Security/Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use”. You also confirm that the information you enter on the website is accurate and truthful. The administration completely disclaims responsibility for the result due to wrongly entered information.

The administration reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy at any time at its discretion. If you do not agree with the rules and regulations set forth in the Privacy Policy, you must immediately stop using our services and leave the website.

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